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Garden Clearance Services

Garden Clearance Services

Garden Clearance Service might seem a very odd thing to many. The reason is that most of the people have tiny gardens that are managed according to the different weathers on their own. The ones, who have big gardens or live in villas, need the help of professionals if they do not have a good team of gardeners or if they have been out of town for a few months and the gardens have overgrown in the mean time. The over grown gardens become an excellent place for snakes and other such reptiles which are equally dangerous.

It is our responsibility to manage out things in such a way that every thing is cleaned out and all the nests and homes of the insects and reptiles are cleared. We make sure that we send the best team of gardeners to the clients who are equipped with the best tools for clearing out the complete place with complete professionalism. There are several people who have been managing out things for the different people for all those who have an excellent way of managing things in a much better way than the usual gardeners can.

It is our duty to manage out things in such a way that the whole area gives a neat and clean look for all. Our London Garden Clearance Services clear all the extra foliage from the trees and the bushes. We trim the young plants and the climbers. We make sure that the whole area is clean. The grass is cut off initially by large sword like cutters. The gardeners wear long rubber boots to avoid any snake bites. After the cutting a lawn mower trims the grass neatly. It is a good idea to have a neat place. We make sure that we clean up the whole area and leave nothing behind. At the end of the cleaning we make sure that we spray the whole gardens with insecticides that may cause nay kind of damage to health.

We also make sure the left out foliage does not have any bee hives in it. A special team is available with us who can remove the hives of the bees. We remove them with caution and make sure that no disturbance is caused to the people living in the neighborhood because of the action.

Our men are also trained to remove any kind of old trees. The old trees in villas are very large, they have roots going deep into the soil and it is quite a task to cut them down. We make sure that we do not damage any thing while cutting off t, the tree. A team takes large axe, cutters and ropes along with ladders. We cut off all the small branches and foliage of the tree. We make sure that we do not leave an extra angled

Branch and cut down all the side branches as well.  We collect all the leaves and branches and make sure that nothing is left behind. We move them to the required junk area. After cutting the extra foliage we make sure that the tree trunk when cut, does not fall on any kind of building or cars. We clear the area and in case it would fall on any building we try to cut off the top to avoid as much damage as we can.

We tie the ropes to the tree trunk and once the electronic cutter cuts the heavy trunk, our men pull the ropes on the other side to make it fall in an area where there is chance of no damage or lesser damage. When doing timber we notify the neighbors as well so that there is no chance that some one might come out accidentally and suffer injury. The large tree trunks are sold for a good lot of money because expensive furniture is built from them. It is a good idea to hire proper woodcutters or gardeners who would not spoil the trunk during cutting as that would lower the cost.

London Garden Clearance may not seem a big issue, but all those who have overgrown gardens know that they cannot be cleaned on their own and they have to hire professional gardeners to clean out the area accordingly.  We have no hidden charges and after taking a look at your garden we tell you how much we would charge you. We give out free quotations before hand to avoid any problems later. We are licensed by the government and we have certain rules to follow that have been laid down by the government for us. We make sure that we abide by them and facilitate our clients accordingly.

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